Roxing Enterprise Inc. offers high quality environmental friendly plywood from North America and South America.

High Density Overlay (HDO)

We have supply HDO to our clients for building many remarkable landmarks in Hong Kong, including Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center Phase II and new Hong Kong International Airport.

Grade: G1S, G2S

Density: 100/30, 100/100, 120/120

Size: 4'X8', 4'X9', 4'X10'

Thickness: 17.5mm & 19mm

Elliottis Pine Plywood

Renewable and harvested under Government management, Elliottis Pine Plywood has become one of the popular species used in construction industry in Asia. It is environmental friendly, economical, strong and durable.

Grade: B/C, C+/C+, C+/C, C/D

Size: 3'X6', 4'X8'

Thickness: 9.5mm to 25mm

Glue: Phenolic


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