Softwood Lumber

  • Located in British Columbia, Canada, Roxing Enterprise Inc. has the advantage of acquiring the beautiful and most abundant softwood in the world.
  • Backed by major primary and secondary sawmills in this area, Roxing Enterprise Inc. has sufficient supply of softwood suitable for construction industry, door manufacturers as well as furniture manufacturers.
  • We supply some of the best Hemlock, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, White Pine and SPF (Spruce, Pine, Fir) available in the market.
  • Roxing Enterprise Inc. engages in secondary production, cutting to right sizes for different market needs. Roxing's production includes cut-to-size dimensions, industrial products, finished products as well as value-added products.
  • Our average inventory combined at approximately 3,000,000 board feet, equivalent to 7,100 cubic meter. We satisfy our customers with quality lumber, detailed tally, steady pricing and excellent service.
  • All Roxing's lumber are carefully graded by NLGA certified graders to ensure the highest quality available. All bundles are stenciled and tagged with bar-coded label for easy identification

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